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storage and side effects
of SeraSeal

Long-term storage:
Store below -10° C

Short-term storage (biup to 10 days): 
At low refrigeration temperatures

For short periods (up to 24 hours):
SeraSeal can be left and used at room temperature

If not required, SeraSeal can be re-frozen after thawing and re-used at a later date.

side effects

SeraSeal contains bovine proteins. The general assumption is that less than 0.05% of the population is allergic to bovine proteins, as well as some lupus patients.

Previously unseen febrile reactions cannot be ruled out in patients who are allergic to bovine products.

As with all plasma derivatives, in rare cases SeraSeal can trigger an anaphylactic reaction.

During clinical trials, no undesirable instances of this type were observed. Mild reactions can be treated with antihistamines.

In cases of hypersensitivity to bovine proteins, in rare cases allergic or anaphylactic reactions can occur.